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Rozhodl jsem se vrátit zpátky v čase a jít po cestě počátků života T. G. Masaryka — do rodného města a míst, kde vyrůstal. Dětství bývá často zkreslenou romantizující představou, tento Topol černý je jediným donedávna žijícím svědkem této události dlouho před Masarykem a dlouhá léta po něm. Do popředí vystupují otázky o životním cyklu a časovém záznamu.



Bronze, different sizes




1 m³


In working on my object, called 1 m³, I have based my approach on principlesI had defined in my previous projects: that is, excavating dirt and collecting all objects found in exactly 1 m³ of it. I am also inspired by the ideas referred toas Anthropocene – the epoch which humanity has entered by becoming thekey geological force on Earth. I categorized and described all the objects he had found in 1 m³ of excavated dirt and chose one of them – a deformed lid from a plastic bottle – to further scan it and transfer the shape by means of robotic machining into a sculpture made of polyurethane foam which is more than 3 meters long. The total volume of the sculpture is exactly 1 m³.

Exhumationdes restes d‘arbres


Exhumation of the remains of trees. Trees represent the time of origin of the institution, its founder and philosophy. Everything is already dead, killed by modernity. Atrium historicist modernist buildings adjusted sentimental romantic layers. It‘s mine uncovering tombs
of the 19th century.



Size varies

Soil, concrete



45 x 41 x 43 cm

Charcoal, synthetic resin


The object – a part of the tree which was supposed to be burned was put into a mold and then I let it char. I worked a mixture of synthetic resin and charcoal into a mold again and at the same time I returned it the form and the shape of the original tree trunk. This process paralyzed the own function of this life beneficial element. Based on this I created some kind of reliquary – a permanent memory of the organic fragment of tree.

Ge 137989 


84 x 86 x 64 cm

Rosin, organic and mineral materials

Picking and Hunting


One of the biggest polluters of the environment is lead ammunition, used by shooters and fishermen using leaden weights. The author focused on picking bullets and lead near water areas and other sensitive places in the countryside. However, the picking of ammunition had a key importance to the artist as he could pay tribute to the countryside he lives in. He found his inspiration in an English article which dealt with environmental pollution caused by lead. According to a certain research, many British ponds contain 250 plummets to one square meter. The artist was used to working with lead before, but had never thought about working with lead which would be taken from the countryside and not only be able to create a completely new artistic object and at the same time to relieve his relationship with nature. He collected lead for more than half a year in three local areas. The next step was choosing the right shape for his new artistic object and the way it would be presented. Finally, he chose how represent and explore his concept with the material. After cleaning and obtaining pure lead, he stuck a wooden peg into the ground. After pulling it out, he poured molten lead into the formed hole. He dug out a cool piece of lead, and to his surprise it was created to an interesting shape. The whole process of cleaning and pouring was done in one of the collection places. He exhibited the whole object with a map, a text and folded posters with pictures which illustrated the whole process. 



Shells, stone and car candle (Sardinia, Italy)




Ceramic bowls had been shaped by different pets and domestic animals. 


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Brno, Czech republic

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